SS Rotterdam Ship Passenger List

Holland-America Line

Arrived in New York from Rotterdam, Thursday May 26, 1887
passenger manifest is dated May 27
Captain Vis; 485 total passengers

Transcribed from National Archives microfilm #M237-507 (list #630)
by Joe Beine

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SS Rotterdam II, 1878, Holland-America Line
Photographer: John S. Johnston; image courtesy of the Library of Congress, USA

Ship Information

The Rotterdam (II) of the Holland-America Line was built in 1878 by Harland & Wolff, Ltd. in Belfast, Ireland (Northern Ireland today). It had an iron hull, weighed 3,329 tons, and was 397 feet long and 37 feet wide. It had four masts and one funnel (smokestack). It was originally designed as a freighter for British Shipowners Company and was later converted to a passenger ship, able to carry 920 passengers. In 1896 it was renamed the Edam (III). The ship was scrapped in 1899.

source: Passenger Ships of the World Past and Present, 2nd Edition, by Eugene W. Smith; George H. Dean Co: Boston, 1978; p. 227.

Arrival Information

from the New York Times 27 May 1887 (Friday); p. 3

under column headed: "Marine Intelligence"
New York...Thursday, May 26
"Steamship Rotterdam, (Dutch,) Vis, Rotterdam 12 ds., with mdse. and passengers to Funch, Edye & Co."

First Class Passengers:

#	name			age		sex	occupation	country

001	C. Landweer		52		M	merch		Holland
002	Mrs. C. Landweer	43		F			Holland
003	D. Pleyte		35		M	private gentleman USA
004	M.R. Levy		34		M	merchant	England
005	P. Tilghman		32		M	US council	USA
006	Mary Durnon		24		F			Austria
007	P. Weiss		62		M	clergyman	USA
008	A. Schmidt		39		M	merchant	Germany
009	Mrs. A. Schmidt		32		F			Germany
010	Helene Schmidt		1 1/2		F			Germany
011	J.T. Smith		62		M	private		USA
012	F. Smith		48		F	private		USA
013	Alb Thon		22		M	merch		Brazil
014	Franz Cichos		20		M	none		Germany
015	F. Blanchy		24		M	merch		France
016	G. Boursault		27		M	merch		France
017	Karl Koopman		32		M	merch		Holland
018	Mas Reinisch		34		M	merch		Austria
019	John Savage		52		M	private		USA
020	Mrs. Savage		49		F			USA
021	A.G. Foch		18		F			Holland
022	Grace Preston		19		F			USA
023	Louise L. Hurey		21		F			USA
024	Mary E. Coe		18		F			USA
025	Cath. Burkhart		63		F			Germany
[GtoA lists this surname as "Burkhardt"]
026	C. Boone		18		F			USA
027	Th. Boone		14		F			USA
028	M.L. van Rhijn		17		F			Holland
029	Tilg. T. Kakebeene	24		M	merch		Holland
030	F. Koch			28		M	merch		Holland

Second Class Passengers:
#	name			age		sex	occupation	country

031	Clare Meyer		42		F			Germany
032	Jants Meyer		inf		F			Germany
033	Emil Lehman		32		M	merchant	Germany
034	R. Stephan		36		M	merchant	Germany
035	L. Spither		38		M	merchant	Austria
036	J. Hussman		24		M	merchant	Austria
037	Mr. vander Blick	30		M	farmer		Netherlands
038	Mrs. vander Blick	28		F			Netherlands
039	Andr. vander Blick	10		M			Netherlands
040	Joh. Niewenhagen	28		M	farmer		Netherlands
041	Rev. F. Niessing	52		M	Rev		Germany
042	Sister C. Kottemeyer	19		F	Sister		Germany
043	Sister M. Kottemeyer	18		F	Sister		Germany
044	Sister M. Kottemeyer	17		F	Sister		Germany
045	Sister M. Niedermayer	19		F	Sister		Germany
046	Sister F. Wolf		19		F	Sister		Germany
047	Sister FL. Friedl	20		F	Sister		Germany
[GtoA lists this passenger as "Fried--,TH"]
048	Sister M. Wetter	17		F	Sister		Germany
049	Sister R. Schafer	16		F	Sister		Germany
050	Sister B. Schafer	18		F	Sister		Germany
[GtoA lists the surnames for 49 & 50 as "Schaefer"]
051	Mrs. H. Hoffmann	24		F			Hungary
052	H. Hoffmann		34		M	merchant	Hungary
053	Armin Hoffmann		inf		M			Hungary
054	John Rudolf		36		M	merchant	Hungary
055	Master Witby		10		M	merchant	Hungary
056	Ann G Neuman		26		F			Hungary
057	C. Gluck		29		M	merchant	Germany
058	R. Baronder		34		M	merchant	Netherlands
059	J. Kappenol		40		M	farmer		Netherlands
060	Mrs. J. Kappenol	30		F			Netherlands
061	Janntje Kappenol	14		M			Netherlands
062	Lenntje Kappenol	10		F			Netherlands
063	Daniele Kappenol	 7		F			Netherlands
064	Emma Kappenol		 4		F			Netherlands
065	Maarljs Kappenol	 3		F			Netherlands
066	R. Koch			32		M	merchant	Hungary
067	R. de Koning		28		M	laborer		Netherlands
068	G. de Koning		26		M			Netherlands
069	H. Liebrich		28		M	farmer		Germany
070	F. Hecker		14		M			Germany
071	Rev. E. van Hetloo	53		M	Rev		Netherlands
072	Mrs. E. van Hetloo	41		F			Netherlands
073	Br. H. van Hetloo	19		M			Netherlands
074	Mina van Hetloo		13		F			Netherlands
075	Anna van Hetloo		 3		F			Netherlands
076	Lina van Hetloo		inf		F			Netherlands
077	Wud Laune		21		M	machinist	Netherlands
078	X. Mittwerker		29		M	merchant	Germany
[GtoA lists this passenger's surname as "Mittenwerker"]
079	R. Haaler		23		M	lab		Germany
[GtoA list this passenger as "Hagler, U"]
080	Mrs. N. Haaler		23		F			Germany
[GtoA list this passenger as "Haaler, M"]
081	Mrs. E. Verchres	23		F			Netherlands
082	Jantje Verchres		 3		F			Netherlands
083	Karie Verchres		inf		F			Netherlands
084	Antje Hockoln		61		F			USA
085	L. Bauman		30		F			Netherlands
086	F.T. Goflanita		26		M	merchant	Netherlands
087	H. Nanninger		23		M			Netherlands
088	N. Seitz		32		M	merchant	Germany
089	J. Wiedehold		21		M	merchant	Netherlands
090	FL. Schick		40		M	merchant	Germany
[GtoA gives "T" for this passenger's initials]
091	F. Franchitz		26		F			Germany
092	A. Franchitz		18		F			Germany
093	H. Hokey		25		M			Germany
[GtoA lists this passenger's surname as "Stokey"]
094	L. Ellinghaur		22		M			Germany
[GtoA lists this passenger as "Ellinghaus, S."]
095	Wm. Ohufr		30		M			Germany
[GtoA lists this passenger's surname as "Schafer"]
096	W. J. Klet		28		M			Germany
[GtoA lists this passenger's surname as "-let"]
097	H. Burkhart		25		F			Germany
098	Sophie Burkhart		18		F			Germany
[GtoA lists the surname for 97 & 98 as "Burkhardt"]

Transcriber's Notes

Every effort was made to properly transcribe the passengers on this list. The age and condition of the microfilmed list, as well as the quality of the handwriting, made some parts difficult to read. Mistakes were certainly made. The German passengers were compared with the list in Germans to America (GtoA) and the Italian passengers were compared with the list in Italians to America (ItoA). Apparent discrepancies are noted. If you believe you have ancestors on this list you you might want to consult the original passenger list. See the Notes and Sources page for more details.

My own ancestors are from the Nelke family (passengers 410, 411, 412, 462 and 463). You can email me if you are related to this family or if you find any of your ancestors on this ship list.

A story about passenger Bertha Nelke's voyage on this ship can be found at: A Child's View of a Journey from Germany to America in 1887

Passenger list transcription © 1999 Joe Beine; Please do not copy or distribute without permission