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including Ship Passenger Lists and Naturalization Records

Emigration means to leave a country and settle in another. Immigration means to enter a new country and settle there.

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Passenger Arrival Records (USA)

Online Ship Passenger Lists and Records [on this website]
Links to websites that have transcribed passenger lists and indexes on the Internet.

Finding Passenger Lists from 1820 to the 1940s [on this website]
A list of indexes for finding your ancestors in ship passenger records for US ports. Includes online indexes, microfilm (with National Archives and Family History Library Catalog numbers), and books.

Finding Passenger Lists before 1820 [on this website]
A list of sources that can help you find passenger lists and immigration-related records prior to 1820.

Research Guides for Individual U.S. Ports of Arrival
(many include links to online indexes and records)...
  • Finding Boston, Massachusetts Passenger Lists [on this website]
    A basic research outline for finding Boston passenger lists and their indexes from 1820-1954. Included is information about the Boston passenger lists missing from NARA's available microfilm records.
Germans to America [on this website]
This is an online index and book series that lists passengers who arrived at American ports from Germany from 1850-1897. This webpage lists the book volumes and the years they cover. Also included is a link to the second series that covers the 1840s.

Irish Passenger Lists Research Guide Tips for finding U.S. ship passenger records for Irish immigrants. Microfilm Roll Numbers for USA Passenger Arrival Records [on this website]
Here you can find the microfilm roll numbers for passenger lists and their indexes for both the LDS Family History Library and the National Archives (NARA). Immigration Records at the US National Archives


International Passenger Departure Records and Emigration Records

Online Passenger Lists... Germany...
  • Online German Emigration Indexes and Records [on this website]
    Links to websites that have transcribed German emigration lists on the Internet.
  • The Hamburg Passenger Departure Records [on this website]
    Information about the Hamburg, Germany passenger departure records -- how to research them online and off.
  • Bremen Passenger Lists 1920-1939
    Most of the Bremen, Germany passenger departure records were destroyed. However, about 3000 lists survived for the period from 1920-1939. These have been transcribed and put online here. This database also includes some lists from 1907/1908 and 1913/1914
  • Finding Passenger Records at the Port of Stettin, Germany [on this website]
    A very small number of passengers emigrated from this port (today called Szczecin in Poland) to America in the 19th century. This webpage gives an address you can write to for information about researching these lists.
The Netherlands... Sweden...
  • Swedish Emigration Records, 1783-1951 (part of Ancestry's collection of world genealogy records - fee-based) Includes place of origin and destination (often to the USA, but also other countries) for many of the emigrants.
United Kingdom...
  • United Kingdom (UK) Outward Passenger Lists, 1890-1960 (part of Ancestry's collection of world genealogy records - fee-based); Indexed and digitized passenger lists for ships leaving the United Kingdom. Includes some departure ports in Ireland and Northern Ireland like Belfast, Galway, Londonderry (Derry) and Queenstown (Cobh). Very few of the outgoing lists prior to 1890 have survived. 

Naturalization Records

Finding US Naturalization Records - a Genealogy Guide [on this website]
A guide to finding US Naturalization records online and off.

Online Searchable Naturalization Indexes and Records - USA [on this website]

Canadian Passenger Records

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