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Microfilm Index: Index (soundex) to Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at Baltimore, MD, 1897-July 1952; National Archives Microfilm Publication T520 (43 rolls)

NARA # is the catalog number for the National Archives
FHL # is the catalog number for the LDS Family History Library in Salt Lake City

This index uses the Soundex system... What does "Soundex" mean?

The FHL microfilm rolls listed below have been digitized and are available online at:
Index (Soundex) to Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at Baltimore, 1897-1952
NARA #         Soundex Codes Covered                FHL #

T520-1         A-000 Abe to A-210 Zelig             1373824
T520-2         A-213 Szwajka to A-651 Zann          1373825
T520-3         A-652 Abraham to B-320 Alice K.      1373826
T520-4         B-320 Alma to B-526 Francisco        1373827
T520-5         B-526 Franz to B-645 Zirel           1373828
T520-6         B-650 See to C-410 Zuza              1373829
T520-7         C-412 Adam to D-165 Zsuzsa           1373830
T520-8         D-200 Achim to D-560 Elizabeth       1373831
T520-9         D-560 Emilie to F-260 Sarah          1373832
T520-10        F-260 Scheie to G-176 Leia           1373833
T520-11        G-165 Lieb to G-532 Jent             1373834
T520-12        G-532 Jerelim to G-653 Konstanto     1373835
T520-13        G-653 Laura Theiza to H-520 Fuadbey  1373836
T520-14        H-520 Gafia to J-120 Wojciech        1373837
T520-15        J-121 Adam to J-621 Jordan, V.       1373838
T520-16        J-621 Josef to K-233 Zelesko         1373839
T520-17        K-234 Afanasy to K-420 Juzapas       1373840
T520-18        K-420 Kalarzyna to K-536 Juro        1373841
T520-19        K-536 Kamedi to K-640 Jan            1373842
T520-20        K-640 Jan to L-222 Stanislaw         1373843
T520-21        L-222 Stanilaw to M-100 Agostino     1373844
T520-22        M-100 Alexander to M-260 Jozsef      1373845
T520-23        M-260 Jozsef to M-452 Vukasin        1373846
T520-24        M-452 Waciaw to M-625 Bude           1373847
T520-25        M-625 Casimir to N-520 Josef         1373848
T520-26        N-520 Josef to P-122 Ivan            1373849
T520-27        P-122 Ivan to P-361 Pusaw            1373850
T520-28        P-361 Efim, Tarosovich to P-615 Ivo  1373851
T520-29        P-615 Jan to R-215 Juro              1373852
T520-30        R-215 Karl to R-357 Hija             1373853
T520-31        R-351 Hinde to S-152 Claus Emil      1373854
T520-32        S-152 Creszens to S-262 P. Justyna   1373855
T520-33        S-300 Kalin thru S-360 Avram         1373856
T520-34        S-262 P. Kalin to S-360 Auram        1373857
T520-35        S-455 Sydney H. to S-460 Sophia      1373858
T520-36        S-460 Sophie to S-552 Piotr          1373859
T520-37        S-552 Piotr to T-242 Simo            1373860 [1]
T520-38        T-245 Simon to T-632 Nicolae         1373861 [1]
T520-39        T-632 Niecislaw to V-500 Jan         1373862
T520-40        V-500 Jan to Janssen to W-322 Milhor 1373863
T520-41        W-322 Mizzi to Y-400 Noel            1373864 [2]
T520-42        Y-331 Norman to Z-620 Mile           1373865 [2]
T520-43        Z-620 Mile to Z-662 Minne            1402500

[1] these rolls both contain T-242 to T-245 (mixed codes - listed together)
[2] these rolls both contain Y-300 to Y-452 (mixed codes - listed together)

Dates, Contents and NARA Roll numbers taken from...
Immigrant and Passenger Arrivals, A Select Catalog of National Archives Microfilm Publications; National Archives Trust Fund Board: Washington, DC; 1983; 2nd revised edition, 1991; page 23.

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