Baltimore Passenger Lists Index 1820-1897

FHL & NARA Microfilm Catalog Numbers, & Online Index Info

Index (Soundex) to Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at Baltimore, Maryland, 1820-1897; National Archives Microfilm Publication M327 (171 rolls)

Note: There are also online databases that index Baltimore passenger arrivals:

Online Database from Ancestry: Baltimore Passenger Lists Online Index & Images 1820-1964 (with gaps) (requires payment - part of an Ancestry subscription) includes digitized images of the ship passenger lists from the National Archives microfilm; also includes some crew lists and airplane arrivals (in the later years).

Online Database from FamilySearch: Baltimore Passenger Lists, 1820-1948 (with gaps) (free with registration)

FamilySearch has digitized the microfilm rolls listed below:
Index to Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at Baltimore, 1820-1897 (Federal passengers lists): NARA publication M327 at FamilySearch

NARA # is the catalog number for the National Archives
FHL # is the catalog number for the LDS Family History Library in Salt Lake City

This index uses the Soundex system... What does "Soundex" mean?
NARA #	   Soundex Codes     FHL #
M327-1     A-000 to A-336    0417212
M327-2     A-340 to A-451    0417213
M327-3     A-452 to A-543    0417214
M327-4     A-545 to B-162    0417215
M327-5     B-163 to B-216    0417216
M327-6     B-220 to B-250    0417217
M327-7     B-251 to B-264    0417218
M327-8     B-265 to B-355    0417219
M327-9     B-356 to B-420    0417220
M327-10    B-421 to B-452    0417221
M327-11    B-453 to B-520    0417222
M327-12    B-521 to B-556    0417223
M327-13    B-560 to B-616    0417224
M327-14    B-620 to B-621    0417225
M327-15    B-622 to B-625    0417226
M327-16    B-626 to B-633    0417227
M327-17    B-634 to B-650    0417228
M327-18    B-651 to B-652    0417229
M327-19    B-653 to B-656    0417230
M327-20    B-660 to C-252    0417231
M327-21    C-253 to C-500    0417232
M327-22    C-510 to C-623    0417233
M327-23    C-624 to D-121    0417234
M327-24    D-122 to D-236    0417235
M327-25    D-240 to D-355    0417236
M327-26    D-356 to D-465    0417237
M327-27    D-500 to D-541    0417238
M327-28    D-542 to D-621    0417239
M327-29    D-622 to D-665    0417240
M327-30    E-000 to E-256    0417241
M327-31    E-260 to E-520    0417242
M327-32    E-521 to E-663    0417243
M327-33    F-000 to F-256    0417244
M327-34    F-260 to F-416    0417245
M327-35    F-420 to F-466    0417246
M327-36    F-500 to F-620    0417247
M327-37    F-621 to F-636    0417248
M327-38    F-640 to F-666    0417249
M327-39    G-000 to G-231    0417250
M327-40    G-232 to G-340    0417251
M327-41    G-341 to G-425    0417252
M327-42    G-426 to G-516    0417253
M327-43    G-520 to G-611    0417254
M327-44    G-612 to G-620    0417255
M327-45    G-621 to G-632    0417256
M327-46    G-633 to G-652    0417257
M327-47    G-653 to H-126    0417258
M327-48    H-130 to H-156    0417259
M327-49    H-160 to H-200    0417260
M327-50    H-210 to H-254    0417261
M327-51    H-255 to H-351    0417262
M327-52    H-352 to H-420    0417263
M327-53    H-421 to H-455    0417264
M327-54    H-456 to H-516    0417265
M327-55    H-520 to H-524    0417266
M327-56    H-525 to H-551    0417267
M327-57    H-552 to H-616    0417268
M327-58    H-620 to H-634    0417269
M327-59    H-635 to H-665    0417270
M327-60    I-100 to J-200    0417271
M327-61    J-210 to J-316    0417272
M327-62    J-320 to J-520    0417273
M327-63    J-521 to J-525    0417274
M327-64    J-526 to J-662    0417275
M327-65    K-000 to K-145    0417276
M327-66    K-146 to K-200    0417277
M327-67    K-210 to K-241    0417278
M327-68    K-242 to K-261    0417279
M327-69    K-262 to K-356    0417280
M327-70    K-360 to K-416    0417281
M327-71    K-420 to K-425    0417282
M327-72    K-426 to K-451    0417283
M327-73    K-452 to K-461    0417284
M327-74    K-462 to K-516    0417285
M327-75    K-520 to K-526    0417286
M327-76    K-530 to K-561    0417287
M327-77    K-562 to K-616    0417288
M327-78    K-620             0417289
M327-79    K-621 to K-625    0417290
M327-80    K-626 to K-633    0417291
M327-81    K-634 to K-652    0417292
M327-82    K-653 to L-121    0417293
M327-83    L-122 to L-166    0417294
M327-84    L-200 to L-226    0417295
M327-85    L-230 to L-266    0417296
M327-86    L-300 to L-351    0417297
M327-87    L-352 to L-516    0417298
M327-88    L-520 to L-523    0417299
M327-89    L-524 to L-546    0417300
M327-90    L-550 to L-665    0417301
M327-91    M-000 to M-216    0417302
M327-92    M-220 to M-241    0417303
M327-93    M-242 to M-255    0417304
M327-94    M-256 to M-321    0417305
M327-95    M-322 to M-416    0417306
M327-96    M-420 to M-456    0417307
M327-97    M-460 to M-461    0417308
M327-98    M-462 to M-524    0417309
M327-99    M-525 to M-566    0417310
M327-100   M-600             0417311
M327-101   M-610 to M-624    0417312
M327-102   M-625 to M-666    0417313
M327-103   N-000 to N-200    0417314
M327-104   N-210 to N-323    0417315
M327-105   N-324 to N-522    0417316
M327-106   N-523 to N-666    0417317
M327-107   O-000 to O-265    0417318
M327-108   O-300 to O-435    0417319
M327-109   O-436 to P-141    0417320
M327-110   P-142 to P-220    0417321
M327-111   P-221 to P-266    0417322
M327-112   P-300 to P-361    0417323
M327-113   P-362 to P-400    0417324
M327-114   P-410 to P-425    0417325
M327-115   P-426 to P-522    0417326
M327-116   P-523 to P-620    0417327
M327-117   P-621 to P-636    0417328
M327-118   P-640 to R-100    0417329
M327-119   R-110 to R-165    0417330
M327-120   R-200             0417331
M327-121   R-210 to R-241    0417332
M327-122   R-242 to R-255    0417333
M327-123   R-256 to R-316    0417334
M327-124   R-320 to R-340    0417335
M327-125   R-341 to R-400    0417336
M327-126   R-410 to R-520    0417337
M327-127   R-521 to R-663    0417338
M327-128   S-000 to S-131    0417339
M327-129   S-132 to S-156    0417340
M327-130   S-160 to S-163    0417341
M327-131   S-164 to S-226    0417342
M327-132   S-230 to S-264    0417343
M327-133   S-265 to S-316    0417344
M327-134   S-320 to S-325    0417345
M327-135   S-326 to S-346    0417346
M327-136   S-350 to S-356    0417347
M327-137   S-360 to S-363    0417348
M327-138   S-364 to S-416    0417349
M327-139   S-420             0417350
M327-140   S-421 to S-432    0417351
M327-141   S-433 to S-466    0417352
M327-142   S-500 to S-520    0417353
M327-143   S-521 to S-530, C 0417354
M327-144   S-530, D to Z     0417355
M327-145   S-531 to S-536    0417356
M327-146   S-540 to S-552    0417357
M327-147   S-553 to S-615    0417358
M327-148   S-616 to S-634    0417359
M327-149   S-635 to S-666    0417360
M327-150   T-000 to T-242    0417361
M327-151   T-243 to T-450    0417362
M327-152   T-452 to T-546    0417363
M327-153   T-550 to T-634    0417364
M327-154   T-635 to U-515    0417365
M327-155   U-516 to V-240    0417366
M327-156   V-241 to V-545    0417367
M327-157   V-550 to W-166    0417368
M327-158   W-200 to W-231    0417369
M327-159   W-232 to W-252    0417370
M327-160   W-253 to W-266    0417371
M327-161   W-300 to W-350    0417372
M327-162   W-351 to W-414    0417373
M327-163   W-415 to W-425    0417374
M327-164   W-426 to W-452    0417375
M327-165   W-453 to W-524    0417376
M327-166   W-525 to W-562    0417377
M327-167   W-563 to W-651    0417378
M327-168   W-652 to Z-166    0417379
M327-169   Z-200 to Z-364    0417380
M327-170   Z-365 to Z-524    0417381
M327-171   Z-525 to Z-666    0417382

Dates, Contents and NARA Roll numbers taken from...
Immigrant and Passenger Arrivals, A Select Catalog of National Archives Microfilm Publications; National Archives Trust Fund Board: Washington, DC; 1983; 2nd revised edition, 1991; pages 5-6.

NOTE: If your ancestor arrived in Baltimore between 1833 and 1866 and you could not find them in the above index then you might also want to check the separately kept Baltimore City Passenger Records. See: Baltimore City Lists Index 1833-1866

Notes on Baltimore Arrivals in the 1820s & 1830s
The Baltimore passenger records for the 1820s & 1830s are fragmentary and some have not survived. However, there are supplementary materials available for finding arrivals in this time frame. See the notes on the Quarterly Abstracts & State Department Transcripts at the bottom of this webpage...   Baltimore Passenger Lists 1820-1891

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Baltimore Passenger Lists 1820-1891

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