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The Baden Emigration Index is an A to Z listing of those who left Baden from the 17th to the 20th centuries and received official permission to emigrate. If your ancestor emigrated without receiving permission they will not be included in the index. Information given in this index includes: name, place of origin (village, town or city) and year of emigration. Please be aware that the modern state of Baden-Württemberg is comprised of the former regions of Baden, Württemberg and Hohenzollern. The Baden Emigration Index covers only the former region of Baden. There is also a separate Württemberg Emigration Index that can also be searched.

For the Baden Emigration Index, the period from 1866 to 1911 can be searched online at Ancestry's website. Click on the link below for more information...

Baden Emigration Index 1866-1911 (free to search with registration)
Contains the names of more than 28,000 persons who left Baden between 1866 and 1911. Each entry includes the emigrant's name, residence or place of birth, and the year of departure.

The Baden Emigration Index is also available on digitized microfilm from FamilySearch. It is listed in the FamilySearch Catalog under its German title: Auswanderer, 17. bis 20. Jahrhundert. The author is listed as Karlsruhe (Baden). Auswanderungsamt (Main Author). Here is a list of some of the available digitized microfilm by roll number:

Prior to 1866...

1180096 covers A - Dreher
1180097 covers Dreher - Hammel
1180098 covers Hammel - Karft
1180099 covers Karft - Lutterer
1180100 covers Lutz - Rittel
1180101 covers Rittel - Steinhauser
1180102 covers Steinhauser - Wernet
1180209 covers Wernet - Zyprian

1866 to 1911...

1180209 covers Albrecht - Bönig
1180210 covers Bönig - Herlacher
1180211 covers Harlacher - Maile
1180212 covers Maile - Zibold
1180213 covers Zibold - Zwingert

Roll 1180213 also covers 1866-1911 A-Z for the cities of Baden-Baden, Karlsruhe & Kehl; 1866-1911 B-S for Altenheim; and Jewish emigration 1935-1940 A-Z

More material is available for the 1866-1911 period. You may have to check more than one roll to find the information you are seeking. For a more detailed listing from the FamilySearch catalog, including the pre-1866 period, visit this webpage...

Auswanderer, 17. bis 20. Jahrhundert (FamilySearch Catalog Entry)

Some helpful German words...

Andere Filmung=another filming

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