The Württemberg Emigration Index

Originally published in book form as 8 volumes, The Wuerttemberg Emigration Index (compiled by Trudy Schenk), can now be searched on the Internet at Ancestry's website (as part of their subscription-based collection of world genealogy records). Please be aware that this index does not include every single person who emigrated from Wuerttemberg. Only those who had permission to emigrate are included, and some of the records were lost or not microfilmed. However, the index can still be a very useful tool for doing genealogical research in this region.

The index covers 1808-1890 and is cataloged under the Oberamt (or district - similar to a county seat in the USA) from which the emigrant left. You need only know the emigrant's name to do a search. The index provides the following information: date and place of birth, date of emigration, Oberamt, destination (North America, Russia, Europe, and elsewhere), and the Family History Library microfilm number of the original document.

Here is an example of a listing from Vol. 6 of the Wuerttemberg Emigration Index:

Name: Barth, Johann Friedrich
Birthdate: 9 Sept 1853
Birthplace: Liezingen
Oberamt: Mlbr (Maulbronn)
Application Date: Mar 1856
Destination: N-Amer
FHL Film #838285

The same material is provided in Ancestry's online version of the index. This link will give you more information about Ancestry's online Wuerttemberg Emigration index, and how to subscribe to their online service...

Wuerttemberg Emigration Index Online, 8 Volumes (free to search with registration)

Below you will find a list of the original books with each Oberamt (district) that is covered in that book.

The Wuerttemberg Emigration Index by Trudy Schenk (compiler) & Ruth Froelke, published by Ancestry 1986-2002

Vol. 1
Backnang, Besigheim, Biberach, Blaubeuren, Böblingen, Brackenheim, Calw, Horb

Vol. 2
Nagold, Nürtingen, Rottenburg, Rottweil, Schorndorf

Vol. 3
Balingen, Calw, Freuden-stadt, Herrenberg, Nagold, Sulz

Vol. 4
Geislingen, Kirchheim, Leonberg, Reutlingen

Vol. 5
Crailsheim, Gaildorf, Geislingen, Hall, Künzelsau, Mergentheim, Welzheim

Vol. 6
Brackenheim, Gmuen, Hall, Heilbronn, Leonberg, Maulbronn, Neckarsulm, Nuertingen, Oehringen, Schorndorf, Spaichingen, Stuttgart, Urach, Waldsee, Weinsberg

Vol. 7
Aalen, Esslingen, Heidenheim, Marbach, Muensingen, Riedlingen, Tuttlingen, Vaihingen.

Vol. 8
Cannstatt, Goeppingen, Laupheim, Leutkirch, Ludwigsburg, Ravensburg, Saulgau, Stuttgart, Tettnang, Tuebingen, Ulm

Vol. 8 completes the series

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