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Microfilm Index (Soundex) to Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at Philadelphia, PA, January 1, 1883-June 28, 1948; National Archives Microfilm Series T526; 61 rolls

NARA # is the catalog number for the National Archives
FHL # is the catalog number for the LDS Family History Library in Salt Lake City

This index uses the Soundex system... What does "Soundex" mean?
NARA #    Soundex Codes Covered                FHL #
T526-1    A-000 Andrew to A-522 Julian         1380256
T526-2    A-522 Jurgis to B-200 Gertrud	       1380257
T526-3    B-200 Gertrude to B-340 Dr. Edw.     1380258
T526-4    B-340 Dr. Edward to B-463 Herman     1380259
T526-5    B-463 Ida to B-620 Ryvan             1380260
T526-6    B-620 S to B-645 Child               1380261
T526-7    B-645 Mrs. to C-142 Thomas           1380262
T526-8    C-142 Valentin to C-365 Antonio      1380263
T526-8a   C-365 Antonio to C-514 Norman J.     1380264
T526-9    C-514 Mrs. Olive to C-623 Jens       1380265
T526-10   C-623 Jens Char to D-120 Madeleine   1380266
T526-11   D-120 Madeline to D-256 Elisabeth    1380267
T526-12   D-256 Lavainia to D-515 Nellie       1380268
T526-13   D-515 Nellie B. to D-633 Raymond     1380269
T526-14   D-633 Ricardo to E-625 Otto          1380270
T526-15   E-625 P to F-452 Vincenzo            1380271
T526-16   F-450 W to F-650 Julia               1380272
T526-17   F-650 Kalman to G-341 Joseph         1380273
T526-18   G-341 Kapel to G-513 Stefan          1380274
T526-19   G-514 Mrs. A. Gamble to G-630 Susan  1380275
T526-20   G-630 Syster to H-200 Gyura          1380276
T526-21   H-200 H. Hayes to H-400 W. Holly     1380277
T526-22   H-400 Walter to H-540 C. Hammel      1380278
T526-23   H-540 Calliek to H-663 Roza          1380279
T526-24   I-000 Joseif to J-520 Azubak         1380280
T526-25   J-520 B. Janos to J-630 Zarol        1380281
T526-26   J-634 Abmel to K-255 Jurke           1380282
T526-27   K-255 Jorko to K-451 Zippe           1380283
T526-28   K-452 Mrs. Kling to K-600 Myrs       1380284
T526-29   K-600 Nadeem to L-000 Mary           1380285
T526-30   L-000 Mary to L-230 Wladyslaw        1380286
T526-31   L-230 Domenico to L-520 Josefine     1380287
T526-32   L-520 Joseph to M-200 Marga          1380288
T526-33   M-200 Margt. to M-242 Myehalina      1380289
T526-34   M-242 N. Mikklesen to M-263 Anne     1380290
T526-35   M-263 Annie to M-426 Zachie          1380291
T526-36   M-430 Adelaide to M-550 Gje          1380292
T526-37   M-550 Gladys to M-630 Suzanna        1380293
T526-38   M-630 T. Moorehead to N-265 Wastil   1380294
T526-39   N-300 Mr. Newitt to O-235 Amy        1380295
T526-40   O-235 Dr. Andrew to O-653 Wilhelm    1380296
T526-41   O-654 Jose Teixeirede to P-360 Ernst 1380297
T526-42   P-360 Ernst to P-460 Wajeiech        1380298
T526-43   P-462 A. Pollerk to P-640 Beile      1380299
T526-44   P-640 Bendetto to R-200 Julia        1380300
T526-45   R-200 Julia to R-300 Kunt            1380301
T526-46   R-300 L. Reid to R-532 Wilhelmine    1380302
T526-47   R-534 Infant to S-160 Lise           1380303
T526-48   S-160 Lizette to S-313 Wasyl         1380304
T526-49   S-313 Wm. Alfred to S-362 Anthony    1380305
T526-50   S-362 Anton to S-435 Sydney          1380306
T526-51   S-435 Master T. to S-530 James Gene  1380307
T526-52   S-530 James A. to S-612 P. Serbsrak  1380308
T526-53   S-612 Pal to T-262 Chaja             1380309
T526-54   T-262 Chas. to T-614 Jurko           1380310
T526-55   T-614 K.N. Tripple to V-420 Ottavio  1380311
T526-56   V-420 Pal to W-260 Eve               1380312
T526-57   W-260 Faiwill to W-425 Freak         1380313
T526-58   W-425 Fred to W-623 John Graig       1380314
T526-59   W-623 John Edward to Z-546 Mendel    1380315
T526-60   Z-540 Menuche to Z-665 Peter         1380316

Dates, Contents and NARA Roll numbers taken from...
Immigrant and Passenger Arrivals, A Select Catalog of National Archives Microfilm Publications; National Archives Trust Fund Board: Washington, DC; 1983; 2nd revised edition, 1991; pages 126-127.

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Philadelphia Passenger Lists 1883-1945

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