New Orleans Passenger Lists Index 1853-1899

FHL and NARA Microfilm Catalog Numbers

Index to Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at New Orleans, LA, before 1900 (covers 1853-1899); National Archives Microfilm Publication T527, 32 rolls.

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New Orleans Passenger Lists Index & Images 1820-1963 (with some gaps) (requires payment)

NARA # is the catalog number for the National Archives
FHL # is the catalog number for the LDS Family History Library in Salt Lake City

This is an alphabetical Index...
NARA #      Covers					FHL #

T527-1    Aab, Mr. & Mrs. Aug.--Bannerman, Mrs. W.	0543403
T527-2    Bannico, Concetta--Bertucca, R. Lattanta	0543404
T527-3    Bertucci, Agata--Brem, Sophia			0543405
T527-4    Bremen, Catherine--Cathicot, Elie		0543406
T527-5    Cahil, Honora--Claude, Jean Baptiste		0543407
T527-6    Claude, Joseph--Dallu, L.			0543408
T527-7    Dalma, N.--Doniedo, Marie			0543409
T527-8    Doning, Friederich--Engle, Paul		0543410
T527-9    Englehardt, Cath.--Fontana, Giovanni		0543411
T527-10   Fontana, Guiliana--Garot, Catherine		0543412
T527-11   Garot, Eugenie--Graywelding, Carl		0543413
T527-12   Grazia, Leonardo--Harding, C.F.		0543414
T527-13   Hardiman, Abraham--Hincks, T.			0543415
T527-14   Hind, Gridget--Iszig, Rosalia			0543416
T527-15   Italia, Francesca--Johse, Carl		0543417
T527-16   Joice, Mary Ann--Kleekamp, Francis		0543418
T527-17   Kleekamp, Louise--Lacosse, Michel		0543419
T527-18   Lacoste, Angelo--Lewandowsky, Franz		0543420
T527-19   Leweling, Angela--Malony, Wm.			0543421
T527-20   Malodec, Franz--Mickey, Maria			0543422
T527-21   McKibborin, George--Moone, Matt.		0543423
T527-22   Mooney, Ann--Nipote, Arcommano F.		0543424
T527-23   Nipp, A. Maria--Penlington, James		0543425
T527-24   Penn, Cohn--Rageio, Fortuna			0543426
T527-25   Ragge, August--Rolwess, Franz			0543427
T527-26   Roma, Horatis--Schapani, Stefano		0543428
T527-27   Schape, Caroline--Schuter, A.			0543429
T527-28   Schuth, Angela--Sparr, Robt.			0543430
T527-29   Sparraguirra, Migel--Taylor, Wm. H.		0543431
T527-30   Tazo, Christesa--Veronique, Ketterer		0543432
T527-31   Veroz, Benito--Wertermann, Wilhelm		0543433
T527-32   Werth, E.--Zyricki, Caspar			0543434

Dates, Contents and NARA Roll numbers taken from...
Immigrant and Passenger Arrivals, A Select Catalog of National Archives Microfilm Publications; National Archives Trust Fund Board: Washington, DC; 1983; 2nd revised edition, 1991; pages 10-11.

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