New Orleans Passenger Lists Index 1853-1899

FHL and NARA Microfilm Catalog Numbers

Index to Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at New Orleans, LA, before 1900 (National Archives Microfilm Publication T527, 32 rolls) this index covers 1853-1899

NOTE: There is also an online database from Ancestry that indexes New Orleans passenger lists from 1820-1963: New Orleans Passenger Lists Index & Images 1820-1963 (with some gaps) (requires payment)

NARA # is the catalog number for the National Archives
FHL # is the catalog number for the LDS Family History Library in Salt Lake City

This is an alphabetical Index...
NARA #      Covers					FHL #

T527-1    Aab, Mr. & Mrs. Aug.--Bannerman, Mrs. W.	0543403
T527-2    Bannico, Concetta--Bertucca, R. Lattanta	0543404
T527-3    Bertucci, Agata--Brem, Sophia			0543405
T527-4    Bremen, Catherine--Cathicot, Elie		0543406
T527-5    Cahil, Honora--Claude, Jean Baptiste		0543407
T527-6    Claude, Joseph--Dallu, L.			0543408
T527-7    Dalma, N.--Doniedo, Marie			0543409
T527-8    Doning, Friederich--Engle, Paul		0543410
T527-9    Englehardt, Cath.--Fontana, Giovanni		0543411
T527-10   Fontana, Guiliana--Garot, Catherine		0543412
T527-11   Garot, Eugenie--Graywelding, Carl		0543413
T527-12   Grazia, Leonardo--Harding, C.F.		0543414
T527-13   Hardiman, Abraham--Hincks, T.			0543415
T527-14   Hind, Gridget--Iszig, Rosalia			0543416
T527-15   Italia, Francesca--Johse, Carl		0543417
T527-16   Joice, Mary Ann--Kleekamp, Francis		0543418
T527-17   Kleekamp, Louise--Lacosse, Michel		0543419
T527-18   Lacoste, Angelo--Lewandowsky, Franz		0543420
T527-19   Leweling, Angela--Malony, Wm.			0543421
T527-20   Malodec, Franz--Mickey, Maria			0543422
T527-21   McKibborin, George--Moone, Matt.		0543423
T527-22   Mooney, Ann--Nipote, Arcommano F.		0543424
T527-23   Nipp, A. Maria--Penlington, James		0543425
T527-24   Penn, Cohn--Rageio, Fortuna			0543426
T527-25   Ragge, August--Rolwess, Franz			0543427
T527-26   Roma, Horatis--Schapani, Stefano		0543428
T527-27   Schape, Caroline--Schuter, A.			0543429
T527-28   Schuth, Angela--Sparr, Robt.			0543430
T527-29   Sparraguirra, Migel--Taylor, Wm. H.		0543431
T527-30   Tazo, Christesa--Veronique, Ketterer		0543432
T527-31   Veroz, Benito--Wertermann, Wilhelm		0543433
T527-32   Werth, E.--Zyricki, Caspar			0543434

Dates, Contents and NARA Roll numbers taken from...
Immigrant and Passenger Arrivals, A Select Catalog of National Archives Microfilm Publications; National Archives Trust Fund Board: Washington, DC; 1983; 2nd revised edition, 1991; pages 10-11.

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