San Francisco Passenger Lists Index 1893-1957

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ONLINE INDEX (1893-1957): San Francisco Passenger Lists, 1893-1957, Index and Images (at Ancestry/requires payment) includes images of the passenger lists; also has San Francisco Crew Lists, December 28, 1905 to October 30, 1954

MICROFILM INDEX (1893-1934)...
Indexes to Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at San Francisco, CA, 1893-1934; M1389 - 28 rolls (16mm)

NARA # is the catalog number for the National Archives
FHL # is the catalog number for the LDS Family History Library in Salt Lake City

This is an alphabetical Index...

Notes from the NARA catalog...[with addition]
"This microfilm publication reproduces three alphabetical card indexes to passenger arrival records for the port of San Francisco, May 1, 1893--May 9, 1934. The first 21 rolls reproduce the general index to passengers. The second alphabetical index on rolls 22--27, relates to individuals arriving from the Philippines, from Honolulu (September 30, 1902--June 12, 1907), and from Insular Possessions (May 28, 1907--October 28, 1911)." [The final roll (#28) indexes East Indian passengers.]

"The records, which are arranged alphabetically by name of passenger, were extracted from the San Francisco passenger lists. Each entry provides the date of arrival and the vessel name. In the upper right hand corner of each index card there is a reference to the manifest number, the page number, and the line number on which the passenger's name appears. For example, 10383/15/23 refers to manifest number 10383, page 15, line 23."

"These records were transferred to the National Archives on microfilm. Errors in arrangement and ommissions cannot be corrected. Defective images, which were identified when the records were filmed, were microfilmed again, and the corrections were spliced on the beginning of each roll as retakes."

So this series is divided into three parts...
  • Rolls 1-21 comprise a general index to non-Chinese passengers
  • Rolls 22-27 index persons arriving from the Philippines & Honolulu (Sept 30, 1902-June 12, 1907) and insular possessions (May 28, 1907-Oct 28, 1911)
  • Roll 28 indexes persons arriving from the East Indies
NARA #         Covers                                       FHL #
General Index
M1389-1        Aaga, Kichiemon--Baribeau, Theodore          1430959
M1389-2        Barich, Christ.--Campbell, Charles           1430960
M1389-3        Campbell, Charles G.--Cross, William Joseph  1430961
M1389-4        Crossan, James--Fishel, C.J.                 1430962
M1389-5        Fisher, Mr.--Gonzalez, Luz De                1430963
M1389-6        Gonzales, Micaela--Herbertz, Rudolph         1430964
M1389-7        Herbertz, Rudolph--Inouye, Sashichi          1430965
M1389-8        Inouye, Sawa--Kashiwaga, T.                  1430966
M1389-9        Kashiwagi, Chiaki--Kozo, Osumi               1430967
M1389-10       Kozono, Hatsutaro--MacKenzie, Vera           1430968
M1389-11       MacKenzie, Vera--Melina, Carlos E.           1430969
M1389-12       Melin, Cecile--Muramato, Chiyochi            1430970
M1389-13       Maramatsu, Asaichi--Nomura, Kanbei           1430971
M1389-14       Nomura, Kane--Parkenson, Richard             1430972
M1389-15       Parker, Miss--Robins, Richard William        1430973
M1389-16       Robinson, Mrs. A.--Scott, Eliza              1430974
M1389-17       Scott, Elizabeth--Stephenson, Magnus L.      1430975
M1389-18       Stephenson, A.--Tatehara, Toki               1430976
M1389-19       Tatekhi, Juichi--Valkenburg, Samuel          1430977
M1389-20       Valla, Honorene--Wocke, Rudolph              1430978
M1389-21       Worker, Wilhelm--Zylva, Susan E.             1430979

Philippines, Honolulu & Insular Possessions Index (see above for dates covered)
M1389-22       Aalberg, Master J.--Cormick, C.H.            1430980
M1389-23       Corn, Dorothy--Huruta                        1430981
M1389-24       Harvey, Dr.--Marh, Young Choon               1430982
M1389-25       Mari, Felipe--Resurrection, Euseseba         1430983
M1389-26       Reta, Epifanto--Wakimoto, S.                 1430984
M1389-27       Wakino--Zwilling, W.P.                       1430985

East Indies Index
M1389-28       Singh--Singh, Yhakar (East Indians)          1430986

Dates, Contents, Notes and NARA Roll numbers taken from...
Immigrant and Passenger Arrivals, A Select Catalog of National Archives Microfilm Publications; National Archives Trust Fund Board: Washington, DC; 1983; 2nd revised edition, 1991; page 144.

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