German Genealogy Books

compiled by Joe Beine

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This book contains English translations of thousands of German, Latin and other terms found in various German records. It also contains lists of German names, the German alphabet with script variations, days of the week and month, numbers and various symbols you might encounter in your search.

German-English Genealogical Dictionary

German-English Genealogical Dictionary

Tips and Tricks of Deciphering German Handwriting
A Translator's Tricks of the Trade for Transcribing German Genealogy Documents
by Katherine Schober

Trace Your German Roots Online: A Complete Guide to German Genealogy Websites Paperback
by James M. Beidler

In Search of Your German Roots
A Complete Guide to Tracing Your Ancestors in the Germanic Areas of Europe
by Angus Baxter

Revised 5th edition published in 2015

Ancestors in German Archives Vol. 1
Ancestors in German Archives Vol. 2

A Guide to Family History Sources (paperback, 2 volumes)
by Raymond S. Wright III, Nathan S. Rives, Mirjam J. Korkham, Saskia Schier Bunting

These books are a directory of 2000 archives in Germany where you can find genealogy-related records, including church, emigration, census and military records; and civil registrations of births, marriages and deaths. The name and address, and sometimes the website URL (if available) is given for each archive (if a URL is not given in the book you can try typing the name of the archives into Google to see if there is a website). You might find this book helpful when you need to look beyond the records of FamilySearch, Ancestry and other online sources.

German American Names
by George F. Jones

An A-Z list of about 18,000 German surnames briefly discusses their meanings, while the book's introduction discusses the origin of surnames and the Americanization of German names.

Dictionary of German Names
(The Max Kade Institute for German-American Studies Translation)
by Hans Bahlow, Edda Gentry (Translator)

Revised 2nd edition published in 2002

This is Hans Bahlow's German surname dictionary, Deutsches Namenlexicon, translated into English. The meanings and history of over 15,000 German surnames (with spelling variations) are given, many with general locations of where the names appeared.

Historic German Newspapers Online
compiled by Ernest Thode

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